• ISO Certificate

  • European Medal

    3^rd April 2009 the Committee of The European Economic and Social Committee, Urząd Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej and Business Center Club awarded Leśne the European Medal XVIII edition.

    European Medal is not-commercial, national venture supported by European institutions.

    This is appointed to honor and promote products and services offered in Polish area fulfilling European standards.

  • Developer Certificate

    The Developer Certificate is awarded for a period of two years by the Polish Construction Employers Union. In 2001, after completing several housing investment projects, our firm received such Certificate. In September 2005, our Developer Certificate was extended for another period of two years.

    The Developer Certificate is awarded to reliable and trustworthy firms operating in the domestic market. The legal and financial status of the developer is verified by experts who also assess the reliability of the firm as a contractor.

  • Member of the PZFD

    Since February 2004 we have been a member of the Polish Union of Developer Firms (Polski Związek Firm Deweloperskich), which brings together developers from all over Poland. Its objective is to improve the conditions for housing construction in the development sector.

  • European Medal

    8th edition of the European Medal - awarded in the services category. On 23 April 2004, we collected the European Medal awarded by the Office of the Committee for European Integration and Business Centre Club. This medal confirms that our core activity, i.e. management of the investment process in housing construction is at the European level.

  • Recommendation for Acciona Nieruchomości

    We are a member of Business Centre Club, an organisation of entrepreneurs established in 1991, to which we have been invited as a reliable and trustworthy firm which observes the principles of mercantile ethics and accepts the rules of the code of honour.

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